Government Services

As an authorized and registered vendor of the United States Government, All Language Services has extensive expertise translating Federal documentation involving a wide range of subject matters. Furthermore, as a trusted vendor of the U.S. Government, we add value to any government bid or contract as a valid subcontractor.

In Person Interpreters Services

All Language Services provides expert interpreters for legal, medical, EUOs, conferences, and more. Our professional interpreters not only know the ins and outs of interpretation; they also specialize in your industry or profession.

Over The Phone Interpreters

Our live phone interpreters enable individuals who don’t share a common language to communicate. Telephonic interpreters can be ideal for shorter assignments or assignments where a more extensive list of languages is needed.

Individual Translation Services

All Language Services provides translations for Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Divorce Decree, Diploma, Passport, School transcripts and any documents you require us to translate for immigration(USCIS) authorities, courts, foreign governments and educational Institutions. All of our documents are certified.